Elements in the Magician’s Landscape

I’ve drawn the landscape for the Magician’s world onto the canvas, with distant mountain range, a trough of water, a cross of long rags attached to sticks, and rocks and clouds that resemble each other. All four elements are represented in this painting. In the distance, placed on the golden section at the centered horizon line,…

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Three Ruffians

I’ve added three crows flying in toward the traveler beside the tree, adding a nice little detail to that area of the painting. I think they’re soft enough to avoid attracting attention away from the most important features of the piece – the sky and the traveler. I’ve been enjoying working the wild roses up,…

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Artist’s talk at Bert Green Fine Art

Photos from yesterday’s talk, which was enjoyable. I spoke about alchemical nigredo, the grail flints found in Neolithic tombs and the nature of inner transformation discovered in the search for the purified and re-integrated prima materia, embarked upon by all alchemists.


Installing the exhibit down in Bert Green’s gallery in Los Angeles went smoothly, and the dilapidated truck I borrowed to transport the paintings and the grail piece held up very well indeed, zipping along the California freeways quite nicely, and reminding me of how fortunate I am to live here. (I’m remembering again that Talking…

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Glendale exhibit

Glendale is over. We pulled all the paintings and much of the sculpture out of the gallery yesterday, filling the early evening with the back and forth of canvases and crates, and driving our little trucks through the mayhem of Los Angeles traffic. The work went surprisingly quickly with the help of a couple of…

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