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Postmodernism is officially dead? Article

I’ve just finished reading this fascinating article about a retrospective of post modern art at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. My friend Michael Adams commented that the article really helps to put the New Romantic Figure exhibit into … Continue reading

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About Media

A link to the newspaper story in the Star has been doing the rounds on Facebook, producing an amusing comment from one peeved visitor who said “these painters are the art world’s equivalent of the tea party”. Didn’t Donald Trump … Continue reading

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Video from the New Romantic Figure Exhibit

Here’s a neat video with interviews and commentary from the artists in the New Romantic Figure exhibit.  

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Transcendent Beauty

Have you ever stood in front of a painting that was so beautiful that you wanted to cry, or felt a moment of unity with an image that seemed to speak to your heart? That paintings are capable of this … Continue reading

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Kicking Puppies

In Arles, a pretty town on the Rhone deep in the South of France, there stands a magnificent oval arena built by the Romans for the entertainment of the soldiers and veterans who colonized the town two thousand one hundred … Continue reading

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Studio talk

  I had the pleasure of hosting a studio talk at my space at CLU yesterday afternoon, including a brief demonstration of glaze painting, using a Sap Green over the background of the Star to show the luminosity and  flexibility … Continue reading

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Open Notes to Alexey Steele

Although technique and studio practice is obviously foundational to painting of a high quality, the style of the paintings need not imitate Impressionism, or the Academy, or the Pre-Raphaelites, or any other school; we need to work toward paintings that … Continue reading

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California Art Club

We visited the California Art Club exhibit at the Carnegie Art Museum in Oxnard, a small town on the California coastline north of Thousand Oaks. It’s a lovely neo-classical museum faced with white pillars. Inside, the pillar theme continues, giving … Continue reading

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The World is Mud-luscious

Working with paint in a loose and spontaneous way has resulted in this Raw Umber layer that will provide the structure for the mud surface of the land around the pool. It all looks a little dark now, but the … Continue reading

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Solid rock

On Thursday I shot photos of one of my students in the role of the Magician – I posted the sketch for it a few days ago. She has a particularly dramatic appearance that’s going to be really wonderful to paint, … Continue reading

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