After a few days of humming and hahing I’ve committed to editing the Traveler and Magician paintings from their earlier square composition. Now rectangles, the compositions look much better balanced, with the focus of attention moving down to the sun and the hand and face of the Traveler, while in the Magician the relationship of…

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Studio talk

  I had the pleasure of hosting a studio talk at my space at CLU yesterday afternoon, including a brief demonstration of glaze painting, using a Sap Green over the background of the Star to show the luminosity and  flexibility of oil painting. Between twenty and thirty people attended, and we had a very pleasant…

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Artist’s talk at Bert Green Fine Art

Photos from yesterday’s talk, which was enjoyable. I spoke about alchemical nigredo, the grail flints found in Neolithic tombs and the nature of inner transformation discovered in the search for the purified and re-integrated prima materia, embarked upon by all alchemists.

Focus on the Masters

Today I went to Ventura for the set-up of the interview I’m doing tomorrow for the “Focus on the Masters” project. Once they post it onto the net I’ll provide a link to their site. If you’d like to attend it, visit this link, where you’ll find the address and more information. Focus on the Masters…

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Alchemy conference

The truck’s loaded with four easels and paintings, ready to go. Cameron and I will leave early in the morning. I guess I should pack a bag now. I’m speaking about my work to folks at the conference tomorrow evening, showing a powerpoint and revealing some hidden secrets in the images. Loading the truck was…

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