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“Michael Pearce’s work captures, with surprisingly horrific insight, some of our most fevered dreams. His haunting visual style is reminiscent of Poe’s haunting prose.”


AXL ROSE, Guns ‘n’ Roses

‘I’m F***ing impressed!’


JENNIFER LYNCH, Director of Surveillance and Boxing Helena

“Pearce’s work evokes an internal gasp in those set before it. In the silence of viewing there is a moment of stillness, of recollection, as if he has painted these images in the same light as memories, or the same light as fears – how they rise and surface in the mind – frozen in a dark glow.”


RANDAL KLEISER, Director of Blue Lagoon, Grease, and It’s My Party:

“a lot of fun. His eye as a painter is unique and the work conveys a lot of feeling. Who knew? I want to see more paintings!”

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